Why Triturating Juicers Are The Best

Two gear juicers are quite unpopular as they are quite expensive but they’re a great addition to your juicy life if you can afford it. A two gear juicer which is also known as triturating juicer has been enjoyed by many experienced juicers and health addicts. Why not join in the family? If you’re still new to the juicing scene, check out plenty of juicing tips here. 

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If you want something that works fast, you should look into centrifugal juicers but the quality is not as good as the gear juicers. It’s great if you like fruit juices or hard fibres juices that are made out of cucumbers, carrots, apples and pineapples. You can enjoy and juice tropical fresh juices for your guest. The gear juicers works well leafy greens and soft fruits. The pace it works at varies between the single gear and the twin gear. Even though the twin gear juicer has higher RPM value, it juices almost the same duration as the single gear juicer.

How Much Does The Juicer Cost?

Since a triturating juicer is considered a premium juicer, their price is much higher than a masticating juicer. Their parts are also quite expensive to purchase but they’re worth every penny. The starting price of a twin gear juicer is 400 dollars and they can reach as high as 1000 dollars.

Characteristics Of  a Triturating Juicer

You will find that this juicer works quietly so if you’re craving juice at night, you’re welcome to give it a go. The quiet motor is definitely a blessing if you previously owned a centrifugal juicer. It’s heavy compared to the masticating juicer as it has extra parts. It can approximately weigh from 6kg up to 12 kg. The 1/4 hp motor that it usually comes with spins at 160 RPM. The best part about the juice it produces, is that you can never find foam in it. There’s no fusion of air particles during the juicing process and you will find that the pulp is practically non-existent. You don’t even need to purchase a separate wheatgrass juicer as all triturating juicers does this job well. It’s great for people who always juice greens.


Honestly, they’re a lot of pros compared to cons about this juicer and if you have been thinking about purchasing this for yourself or as a gift, you should definitely do it. The best triturating juicer has got to be the 430 dollar Green Power Twin Gear Juicer made by Samson. It produces no sound while juicing so you can juice while talking on the phone and the phenomenal juice yield has made a lot of people happy. Enjoy a shot of wheatgrass without making it manually!


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