What Are The Differences Between Coffee And Espresso Machines?

Get to know more about coffee and espresso machines

At least once in your life you saw both espresso and coffee machines working hand by hand and stood in awe wondering “What is the difference between them anyway?” Well, you are not alone! Many people, including myself, wondered what the difference between those seemingly similar machines is. So today, we will discuss all of the differences between them to answer the question we always asked ourselves! If you wanted to know ore tips & reviews about coffee and espresso machines try looking for  because they know what they are talking as well as reviewing about.

Coffee And Espresso Machines

The first is the difference of the method of extraction, or in simpler words, the brewing methods. Espresso makers take beans and force boiling water into them at very high pressures, using a manual pump that you operate. The pressure required is at least 9 bars, and most machines come with 15 bar configurations. A coffee machine, however, is the complete opposite. It penetrates through the beans with sharp filters designed for cutting thick materials, and slowly sucks the life out of the coffee beans, evidently letting them drop into the pot underneath through gravity.

Therefore, the quality of the coffee machine tends to be greater than espresso machines, but is cut off because of the extraction times. An espresso machine takes a maximum of 30 seconds, while a coffee machine can take up to 5 minutes for a single cup.

The second difference is the grounding size. Espresso machines are very strict in this regard, as the bigger the beans are, the more force they will take to crush. So, they need to be finely grinded before brewing, and can be done with the help of the burr grinder that comes with many espresso makers. Coffee machines are more forgiving in this matter, as it doesn’t have any recommended bean size, and works equally well with both fine and big coffee bean sizes.

The third is the amount of beans required. Since the beans of an espresso machine are finely grinded, it doesn’t require much as opposed to coffee makers. In a rough estimate to give you the idea, an espresso machine takes no more or less than 7 grams for 1.5 oz. of water, while coffee machines require more than 50 grams for 6 oz. of water. I’ll calculate the rest for you, so in the end, you save 22 grams of coffee when you use an espresso machine.

The fourth and last is the learning curve. Espresso machines operate through countless factors, which take time to learn and master, and if done wrong, the resultant will taste like a burnt cup of milk (I know milk evaporates, so you can say I just tried to make a bad statement) Coffee machines are relatively easier and require few steps to achieve the best quality of coffee. Just pour the water, add the beans, and let it brew!

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