Wallet Friendly Chef’s Knife

victorianox-8I always find it enticing to buy a knife set based on my friend’s excellent opinion or reading attractive reviews from online sites like this one, www.pcnchef.com/top-picks/best-chef-knives/. But it is tough finding one that actually fits your needs and your budget. There are so many options out there. You could get an individual knife or even a chef knife set. I found an interesting knife that was really appealing.

My Favorite Chef Knife

The Victorionx Chef knife proved to be quite the deal breaker. It had excellent features and was at an attractive price tag. In all my 17 years of cooking in the kitchen, I have rarely come across a knife designed by professionals, which can handle nearly every kitchen task at an unimaginable pace. A great all-rounder it is, the Victorinox 8″ Swiss Classic Chef’s Knife has an unbelievable sharp edge and texture, and its ergonomic handle makes the cutting look like slicing through butter. It is wonderful and you can chop vegetables all day long, effortlessly, if you want to! Easy to use and handle, Victorinox 8″ Swiss Classic Chef’s Knife is a classic example of getting a knife at a competitive rate.

Chef Knife Specs

It is an 8” long knife and extremely light-weight, allowing you to reduce the wrist and hand pain while using it for long hours in the kitchen. Perfectly crated for crushing garlic, mincing shallots, chopping onions, slicing herbs, cutting meats of all varieties, and mincing cabbage, it helps to keep my vegetable stint short! It has a sharp razor, and pointed knife-edge that creates a proper angle to hold a sharp edge longer and ensure that you get extra cutting resilience and performance. Rather, I find it easy to control and operate.

Why I Love This Victorinox Chef Knife

Victorinox chef knife delivers a sure grip and easy handling even after wet, therefore, making it safer and more efficient to use. Its ergonomic handle is very cool to hold, to some degree, this is what I have been wishing for years. This is a winner already!

You can also check out my thoughts on the Wusthof knife and Global Sai that I’ve used and a guide I wrote that may help you pick out the right kitchen knife for you.

A Home Chef’s Guide To Choosing Kitchen Knives


Knives to a chef are as essential as tools to a carpenter. I still am surprised when I hear many home chefs complain about getting a knife. This seems to be one of the hardest thing for them to do. Let me lend all of you a hand, here is a quick guide on how to choose the perfect knives for your kitchen at home.

Step 1 : Read Kitchen Knife Reviews

Before you even consider going to the store, you have to know a little about the types of knives there are. The fastest way to get the lowdown is to read the best knives reviews or watch YouTube videos on kitchen knives. There are plenty of kitchen knife reviews and videos that will  give you expert suggestions on the best type of knives on the market, but don’t be hasty purchase the first knife you see. Consider your own needs, budget and knife preference.

Step 2 : Choose The Type Of Kitchen Knife

Like every tool has a specific function, every knife is intricately designed to perform different type of cuts. Yes, the Chef knife and the Santoku can do most of the heavy lifting but you still need other knives to perfectly master your knife skills. I don’t know any chef in their right mind who would use an 9-inch Chef knife to thinly slice a tiny cherry tomato. So if you already have a hardy workhorse at home you may want to look for a paring or a utility knife to help you manage smaller more delicate cuts. If you’re a fan of thin slices, a Japanese knife may prove to be a better option because it has a thin and sharp blade.

Step 3 : Look For Discounts And Bargains

Good knives may cost quite a bit. If you aren’t looking for budget knives like the Victorinox Chef Knife, you have to save up or wait for a massive clearance sale. Good kitchen knives from the likes of Shun, Global and Wusthof will last you for a lifetime. Most of these knives are worth every single penny you pay for them.

My honest advice for every home chef is to have a single trusty Chef Knife or a Santoku. This is the knife you’ll use the most in your day-to-day cooking routines. No matter the recipe, you will always have to slice, dice, chop and cut ingredients, poultry and sometimes even bovine. The Santoku or chef’s knife is the most versatile knife you can have in your kitchen. Which is why a good knife will make cooking a fun venture.



The Global Sai Santoku

global-sai-santoku-knife-cIf you’re a smart consumer, you already are in the know that reviews are exceptionally important when you’re researching a purchase. These days there are just too many choices on the market and you’ll certainly be spoilt for choice. It’s almost impossible to narrow down purchases by budget alone.

I love buying kitchen knives, I even have a collection of them. But, I’ll be a daft fool if I just go around buying all the knives that look appealing. I saw this set of Global knives a few weeks back on TV. I liked the way it looked. How many knives that you know off have stainless steel handles? This was new to me. I really wanted it. I found some information on it online. It appeared to be a good buy but was it good enough to be a part of my collection?

Let’s break it down. So, the knife I’m considering is a Global Sai Santoku. Yes it is pricey but it’s a special three layer blade knife. It is one of the most beautiful knives I’ve laid my eyes on. The steel uni body construction helps keep the knife well balanced. It’ll fit perfectly no matter what kind of knife grip you’re used to.

A hollow handle and a sturdy construction is any knife enthusiast dream. I truly believe that this is a knife is that is near perfect. I just haven’t actually used it yet so all I have to refer while making this decision are the reviews and user comments.

The life time warranty is another impressive addition to this already attractive purchase. I’m being relentless. The truth is I’m just looking for excuses to stop me from making this extravagant purchase. But, I guess I’m getting this knife anyway. I’ll let you guys know how this knife feels in my hands once I get it. Till next time.

Why Do You Need A Wusthof Knife In Your Kitchen?

I often wonder how I lasted so many years in a kitchen without quality knives. It wasn’t uncommon to see my cheap knives break and chip on me after a few uses. I used to just use a stainless steel knife which I got from Costco. I figured all knives were the same. They just had to be sharp enough to slice through stuff. That’s what knives are made for, aren’t they?

I would have had to replace my knives every few months. The worst part was how much force I had to use to slice through thick pieces of meat. It was getting unbearable. I sharpened my knives once a week to keep them usable. After awhile I just gave up.


Cooking was getting to be such a chore. I looked at some top knives on amazon and I found Wusthof to be among the best sellers. I admired the premium look of the knife. I fell in love with the red and silver emblem that the brand had. So I decided to get one.

I was reading the best Wusthof kitchen knives reviews that I found online. There were tonnes of recommendations but I wasn’t sure what I would get out of such expensive knives so I decided to just get a feel of a premium kitchen knife. Once I try it out, I’ll decide whether it’s a worthy investment.

I think I’ll flip if these knives are no better than the cheap ones I used to get. These knives should last me at least half a lifetime for the fortune I’m going to spend on them. My food should also taste much more heavenly. I really hope I’m doing the right thing.

Do you have a set of premium knives in your kitchen ? I’d love to hear your experiences with your kitchen knives. Tell me about it in the comment section below.

How To Make 30-minute Masterpieces ?

rachel-rayYou kiddos who are new to cooking may not have heard of Rachel Ray. She is by far one of the most innovative and sexiest chefs on the planet. When I was working, I was always pressed for time. There wasn’t a day when I had the time just to kick back and relax.

I couldn’t even take my time in the kitchen. I was always in a hurry. Lets skip the part about how many times I burnt myself while dashing around the kitchen. Then, I was introduced to Rachel’s 30 minute meals. I figured that these dishes wouldn’t be flavorful enough seeing how simple it was to make them. Well kudos Rachel, you proved me wrong yet again.

To say I was impressed would be an understatement. I was ecstatic. I now had more time to laze around the house. OK, jokes aside, my favorite dish was the Shepherd’s Pie. Try it out IT IS HEAVENLY.

Try out these recipes and tell me how they worked out for you =). Good Luck!


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